Regarding photography in the exhibition room

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Regarding photography in the exhibition room

Photography is allowed inside the exhibition room. Please follow the rules below when shooting.

  • Do not take pictures in areas where there are signs prohibiting photography.
  • Flash is prohibited.
  • Tripods, selfie sticks, etc. are prohibited.
  • Do not photograph other customers without permission.
  • Do not touch exhibits or display cases. Do not damage or stain.
  • We may refuse to take photos if it would be a nuisance to other customers, such as interrupting or taking photos in the same place for a long time.

For planned exhibitions and special exhibitions, please follow the photography guidelines for each exhibition.

About publishing photos and videos taken

If you wish to use, reproduce or distribute for commercial purposes, include in publications or papers, exhibit at photo exhibitions, etc., you must apply. Please ask at the museum counter for details.



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